If you are in crisis or homeless please see our need help? page for more information.

Project Director: Carla Ecola Carla.Ecola@LGBTIQoutside.org

Events: Tam Vibert Tam@LGBTIQoutside.org

General enquiries:  Community@LGBTIQoutside.org

Press enquiries: Press@LGBTIQoutside.org

Corporate Sponsorship, large donations & supporter enquiries: Donate@LGBTIQoutside.org


This project could not exist without its crew of volunteers. Their empathy, solidarity, lived experience & vibrancy create the unique ‘found family’ vibe of our community spaces.

Thankyou for thinking of us but we are not recruiting for volunteers at this time.

HOSTING: If you have a spare room or sofa & are interested in hosting a guest from the shelter, please contact Carla: carla.ecola@LGBTIQoutside.org