Saturday, October 21, 2017

We needed £8000 to buy the shelter, you gave us £11461.

How to raise £11461k to set up a shelter in one summer – a flip chart diagram of a huge supportive community, by Carla Ecola:

Special thanks to the following:

Uli from Gay’s The Word, John Sizzle – The Glory, Harry Venson, Jacqueline Grant, Valentino Chienmortx for your speech & all of the performers of our launch of QUEERBASH, Tali Clarke – Pride Punx & all of the performers at T.Chances Alternative Pride Afterparty, Dan Glass – Queer Tours of London – A Mince Through Time at LUSH UK, Shane ShayShay Konno & Tam Vibert – LimeWharf & all of the performers at the ShayShayShow’s Spectrum Pride, Tam Vibert with Sexual AvengersResis’Dance & all of the performers at Dalston Superstore‘s Radical Love, Daniel Stocker – & all of the performers at Queer Goes Nothing at Her Upstairs, Carmen Palacios Berraquero & Carolyn’s Fingers & all of the performers at Hot Mess at The Corner House, Andreena Bogle – & all of the performers of Poetry LGBT at Tipsy, Georgia Alice & Jess Childs – & all of the performers at DEPTFORD COMMUNITY PRIDE & BUSTER MANTIS afterparty, John Sizzle – THE GLORY, Ajnin Borg, Jacks, Alex Green for your speech & all of the performers of QUEERBASH 2, ShayShay Konno’s Drag Sale at Dalston Superstore, Rowan & Anna – & all of the inspiring activists at Grassmovement FESTIVAL, Nicole Logan – for giving us a table at Foundation Festival at @hackneyshowrooms, Lysander Dove – Bar Wotever & all of the performers at the The Royal Vauxhall Tavern, Daniel Stoker & Meth at HER UPSTAIRS & all of the performers at ‘Who Dragged Amanda Palmer?’ Dan Glass – Queer Tours of London & all of the performers of The Bang Bus & the afterparty at Dalston Superstore, Tom Ana & all of the performers at Queer Poetry at SOAS Students’ Union, Tam Vibert & Gin – VOLUN’QUEERBASH recruitment at Limewharf with Matthew Walters of Galop, Harry of Lesbians and Gays Support the Migrants, Chloe Petts & all of the performers at VOLUN’QUEERBASH comedy show, David John Tovey for giving us a table at One festival of Homeless Art at Diorama-art.

For supporting, listening & joining us: Michael Nastari of Stonewall Housing, Mark Brennan of Housing Justice, Jane Bancroft & Sabrina Pathan of Homeless Link, Margaret Williams of ELDB, Hannah Hunter of PLWON, & all of LONDON’S OUTREACH WORKERS at the community of Practice & frontline workers who are listening to us, Rita Chadha & the trustees at Barking and Dagenham Council for Voluntary Service – BDCVS, Abby Jacobsen for supporting me with graphics & Alex Hill for supporting Nick with the website

To the The Outside Project team – Kate Jones, Zsakul Alif, Sam Perry, Nicholas Jones-Evans, Heather Ecola 💥YOU’RE AMAZING & WONDERFUL PEOPLE💥 & to our freshly recruited volunteers – THIS IS HAPPENING! 🎉

To the lovely Mike Moulds of MM Bandservices for offering to sell us this wonderful bus at a very achievable & affordable price

Finally to my endlessly supportive & wonderful wife Heather, who has been at 99% of these events & 100% of my doubts & dramas since our launch – I can’t thank you enough & I love you so much for everything you do for me & this project

Next step: mass recruitment of lovely volunteers!  Volunteer Role & Application Form

We have set up a new crowdfunding page for Christmas at:

Justgiving: TheOutsideProjectChristmas