Pride in London Statement

Monday, July 9, 2018

We were determined this year to march at London Pride with as much visibility as possible for our most marginalised groups – our homeless friends & people seeking asylum. Oppressed & excluded by the system, society & our own community – they are the powerful people that rose up & started our rights movement in the Stonewall Riots 49 years ago.

We wanted to march in solidarity with our activist movement & remember those of our past. Thankyou to Queerseum, Queer Flags, Streets Kitchen, LGSMigrants, African Rainbow Family, Friends of the Joiners Arms & The Black Cap Campaign for making this happen. We love you!

We wanted to march with our artists, performers, our kings & queens – who have supported us to reach the masses by bringing our project into their cabaret shows, punk gigs, poetry & events, fundraising tirelessly to get this project off the ground this year. Huge thankyou to Daniel Stoker, Unicorn Nights, Gon7o, Mx Jack Cole, The Lol Word, Damien Arness Dalton, Alex Green, Fredde Lanka, John Philip Sage & to the wonderful queens of Dragged around London for leading our march in absolute style!

We have a lot to say about the total erasure of our project, marginalised people & activism by Pride in London & will meet with the Pride in London CAB following our own de-brief.

We’re disgusted & sad that TERF’s led the parade & we hope that such a high profile event raises the urgency of the need for equality in our hate crime laws. How much more do our trans community need to suffer before these changes are made? Show love to GALOP for all that they do for our community.

Thankyou to everyone that made yesterday happen. It has meant so much to our crew.

Who started our revolution? HOMELESS QUEERS 📢
#homelessLGBTIQsolidarity #LGBTIQcommunitycentre #IdentityResponsiveServices #SupportGrassrootsProjects

📸 Heather Ecola