JANUARY – MARCH 2023 (now closed)

Led by Switchboard Brighton and Hove, in partnership with The Outside Project and Stonewall Housing, funded by The Rainbow Fund.

Since our first night shelter pilot and community hub opened in 2017 we have met hundreds of LGBTIQ+ people who have moved to London to find a connection and safety amongst a larger LGBTIQ+ population. In a new big city and often without stable work, housing and social networks, many have found themselves turning to our services in crisis. It has therefore been a huge goal for us to support the campaigning and development of LGBTIQ+ specific, by and for crisis shelters in other parts of the UK.

We were excited to attend the Switchboard Housing Conference in June 2022, bringing so many LGBTIQ+ organisations, activists and community members together and motivating them to *do something* in response to the lack of LGBTIQ+ specific housing in their town. Since then we have supported Switchboard as they embark on opening their first LGBTIQ+ Winter Night Shelter and we couldn’t be prouder of all they have achieved in such a short time!