Our Manifesto

A manifesto for London LGBTIQ+ Community Housing

Here are the organisations who collaborated on the campaign:


Albert Kennedy Trust

Stonewall Housing


Tonic Living

Micro Rainbow

Visit our virtual art gallery to see our exhibition ‘NO PRIDE’

Make Space for Homeless Queers

By The Outside Project, STAR Refuge, Emily Flea, African Rainbow Family, Voices4London, Museum of Homelessness.

With thanks to the Painting Rooms Gallery.

This exhibition was created with members of our shelter, STAR Refuge guests, groups based in the Community Centre and the wider LGBTIQ+ community.

The #makespaceforhomelessqueers campaign began at the peak of COVID19 in April 2020 as part of the Voices4London #protestfromhome. Hundreds of LGBTIQ+ joined the virtual protest demanding space for LGBTIQ+ people during the pandemic.

This campaign led to The Outside Project keeping their shelter open 24hrs, opening emergency hotel rooms and creating STAR Refuge - a domestic abuse refuge for LGBTIQ+ people. This accommodation is still available today. For support visit LGBTIQoutside.org/help

Click here to visit our virtual art gallery to see our exhibition ‘NO PRIDE’


pink triangle with written homelessness=death