The Outside Project LGBTIQ+ Centre, Unit 1, 52 Lant Street, London, SE1 1RB

The LGBTIQ+ Centre is The Outside Project main HQ. We hold open and private meetings, groups and activities. It is home to multiple LGBTIQ+ and Homelessness grassroots groups that we work alongside or support to develop on a ‘PWYC’ basis. Please see the noticeboard for upcoming events and information below on regular weekly groups.

Accessibility: Intercom door entry system. Wheelchair accessible entry and bathroom. Quiet space with weighted blanket, sensory toys and lights. Communication cards available.

WRITE TO US if you would like more information on access to our LGBTIQ+ Centre.




Art by Laik Ecola

QUEER LEADERS FORUM in partnership with LGBT Consortium 4pm – 8pm

The QLF is a supportive space for emerging community and grassroots groups that have developed over the pandemic.

We’ve all worked so hard supporting our community at the worst of times, now is the time to come together, reflect and consider – where do we go next? The London QLF is a space for community leaders to share ideas, listen, collaborate and get support, making a lasting benefit to the LGBTIQ+ community here in London.

‘We have seen many new LGBTIQA+ groups, projects and services created during the pandemic to respond to the impact COVID has had on our communities. Some of the new groups address critical gaps in services and support for communities left behind for far too long. We strongly believe these community-led groups are vital for the future of the LGBTIQA+ civil society and activism. That’s why we are excited to be working with the Outside Project to support these new groups to grow, connect with others and become more sustainable post-COVID.’ – Martin Karadzhov, London Coordinator, LGBT+CONSORTIUM

How to access: Sign up through LGBT Consortium website here


Art by Laik Ecola

CAFE QUEERO 10am – 2pm

FREE QUEER SOBER SPACE every Wednesday for LGBTIQ+ people who are destitute, homeless, in recovery or feel isolated. Come and have coffee and breakfast with @cafequeero at our LGBTIQ+ Centre.

We have a friendly bunch of Cafe Queero regulars now. They make a decent coffee and can boil an egg. Crafts, puzzles, showers, library, quiet space and instruments to play with.

How to access: Drop in 10am – 2pm. Travel refund available.

You can purchase Notebooks and coffee to support Cafe Queero below.

Art by Pear Nuallak

*STARTS 15th September*

PRIDE LOUNGE – Supper together from 6pm, Group Circle Connection 7pm – 8.30pm

Weekly peer support get together for our community who have at any time experienced LGBTIQ+ targeted hate or who have been affected by discriminatory micro-aggressions.

Come and join us, be yourself, feel welcomed and heard by your LGBTIQ+ peers. Our aim is to support each other to feel stronger.

We invite you to share a little about yourself and what you take pride and joy in, to tell us what you have found that has helped you to feel more resilient.

We invite you to also share your achievements big or small.

Let’s share something radical: our kindness.

How to access: RSVP 24hrs in advance of the Wednesday you plan to attend HERE. Travel refund available.


BOOK 28 LIBRARY Thursday 5.30pm – 8.30pm, Saturday 10am – 1pm

Book 28 is a small LGBTIQ+ library based at our LGBTIQ+ Centre. Drop in on Thursday evenings to browse, read and borrow queer books for free!

Check out the Book 28 Library website for information on events and to access their digital library –

 Email for more information.

How to access: Drop in Thursday 5.30pm – 8.30pm, Saturday 10am – 1pm



Queer Youth Art Collective (QYAC) has run workshops at The Outside Project for LGBTQ young people 18-26 since August 2019. The project delivers newly commissioned workshops by LGBTQ artists and youth forums for attendees to discuss their practice and socialise weekly on Sundays.

Our primary aims are to challenge isolation, provide free and engaging arts workshops and build skills and infrastructure for a resilient, peer-led LGBTQ arts and education culture in London and throughout the UK.

We currently run 2 groups: ONLINE on ZOOM & OFFLINE at The Outside Project LGBTIQ+ Centre.

How to access: Email Travel refund available.


Laik Ecola in our first LGBTIQ+ Centre based at Clerkenwell Fire Station April 2019-May 2021

Our Community Centre initially opened in April 2019 in the former Clerkenwell Fire Station, Central London. Alongside the Outside Projects weekly social, support and recovery groups the Community Centre quickly became a busy creative and meeting space home to many activist, community groups and creative projects:

Creme Anglaise Collective, QueerseumAfrican Rainbow Family, Black Cap Foundation, Friends of the Joiners Arms, Museum of Homelessness, Streets Kitchen, Lesbians and Gays Support the Migrants Stonewall‘s Trans Staff Network, Stonewall Housing‘s Reflective Practise and the London Intersex and Trans Community Healthcare Hub (LITCH).

The LGBTIQ+ Centre supported LGBTIQ+ projects to develop such as Cancer Support and Advocacy Group – Live Through This, Queer Youth Art Collective, Book 28 Library, Virtual Community Centre free/accessible party – Queer House Party, A London faction of the global Voices4 direct action group Voices 4 London, and the Trans Board Game Group.

The Centre closed to the wider community in March 2020 due to COVID19. The Centre and drill yard was used throughout the day by residents of our shelter and refuge services throughout lockdown. The Centre was also the base of the COVID19 Homeless Taskforce in partnership with Museum of Homelessness, Streets Kitchen and The Simon Community until we relocated and reopened at Lant Street in June 2021.