Art by @FreddeLanka

Our Emergency Hotel and Outreach service was initially funded by the LGBTIQ+ Community in 2020 in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

In partnership with a national hotel chain we have secured emergency rooms in Central London exclusively for the use of the LGBTIQ+ community throughout winter 2020/21 and winter 2021/22. Our team continues to outreach support to LGBTIQ+ people in the COVID-19 hotels throughout the year.

We are looking to develop this into a ‘COVID legacy’ year round LGBTIQ+ Emergency Hotel and Outreach Service. Please contact our Managing Director Carla Ecola if you are a hotel provider or a funder interested in supporting the growth of this service.


You can find an introduction and resource list for staff to develop good practice and welcoming services for people who identify as LGBTIQ+ here.