Our Shelter is an identity responsive service for the LGBTIQ+ Community in London. It’s not like in the films – you don’t need to pay or queue up each night to get in. We have security on the door and a set guest list each night. Everyone has a proper bed and their own room. We have support workers on site 24hrs a day and yes – our whole team is LGBTIQ+. We have activities during the day like walking groups, photography and meditation. It’s always been a low drama community space.

Most people don’t think they are homeless ‘enough’ to come to us sooner. If you feel unsafe where you are staying, if you are sofa-surfing or using apps to find places to sleep then please get in touch with support services below to see if our shelter or refuge would be right for you. Please note: For the safety of our guests we can’t take direct referrals at our door. We accept referrals from the LGBTIQ+ organisations below and advise you to make contact with them.

DOMESTIC ABUSE If someone is being abusive towards you in your home contact Galop National LGBT+ Domestic Abuse Helpline 0800 999 5428 Mon-Fri 10am – 5pm (Wed & Thurs 8pm)

HOMELESSNESS If you are at risk of homelessness contact Stonewall Housing LGBTIQ+ Housing Advice Line 0207 359 5767 Mon-Fri 10am – 1pm, or complete a self referral form: HERE

YOUNG PEOPLE If you are a young person (16-25) experiencing homelessness or living in a hostile environment contact LGBTIQ+ Youth Homelessness Advice Service AKT.

OUT OF HOURS If it is out of hours (after 5pm) we would suggest contacting your local councils out of hours service for emergency accommodation.

Links to affordable hotel / backpackers:

London Hostel Association OYO Hotels



Our Refuge is for LGBTIQ+ people who are escaping domestic abuse. This could be from a partner or a family member. They could be physically, verbally or emotionally abusive. If you feel like you need to stay somewhere else for your own safety or wellbeing then you are right. Most people don’t think that they are homeless enough to come to us sooner. Don’t wait.

In response to COVID-19 The Outside Project opened STAR Refuge. Initially funded in June 2020 this vital project has been refunded twice by MOPAC (Mayors Office for Policing and Crime). The Outside Project hired a new interim CEO Maari Nastari in February 2021 to develop the service into a long-term provision. We are now looking for a high quality accommodation provider to partner with on this exciting project – finding this much needed service a long-term home in London. If this is something you are able to support us with then please get in touch with our Interim CEO Maari Nastari.

To discuss your options and refer into our refuge contact our partner agencies:

Are you experiencing domestic abuse?

Galop London Helpline: 0800 999 5428


Are you homeless as a result of domestic abuse?

Stonewall Housing Helpline: 0207 359 5767

Complete this online referral form

STAR Refuge was been named to commemorate the 50th anniversary of STAR House – New York, 1970


Our Community Centre opened in 2019 in the former Clerkenwell Fire Station. Alongside the Outside Projects weekly social, support and recovery groups the Community Centre quickly became a busy creative and meeting space home to many activist, community groups and creative projects:

Creme Anglaise Collective, QueerseumAfrican Rainbow Family, Black Cap Foundation, Friends of the Joiners Arms, Museum of Homelessness, Streets Kitchen, Lesbians and Gays Support the Migrants Stonewall‘s Trans Staff Network, Stonewall Housing‘s Reflective Practise and the London Intersex and Trans Community Healthcare Hub (LITCH).

The Centre supports new projects such as LGBTIQ+ Cancer Support and Advocacy Group – Live Through ThisQueer Youth Art Collective; LGBTIQ+ Library Book 28 Library; Virtual Community Centre free/accessible party – Queer House Party; A London faction of the global Voices4 direct action group Voices 4 London; and the Trans Board Game Group.